Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts, Jerry Bridges

God is completely sovereign

God is infinite in wisdom.

God is perfect in love.

“The sovereignty of God is the one impregnable rock to which the suffering human heart must cling. The circumstances surrounding our lives are no accident; they may be the works of evil, but that evil is held firmly within the mighty hand of our sovereign God…all evil is subject to Him and evil cannot touch His children unless He permits it. God is the Lord of human history and of the personal history of every member of His redeemed family.” – Margaret Clarkson, Grace Grows Best in Winter (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1984), p. 40-41

In either case, the person’s heart is in God’s hands. He will direct it according to His sovereign purpose for His glory and our good.

“As prayer without faith is but a beating of the air, so trust without prayer [is] but a presumptuous bravado. He that promises to give, and bids us trust His promises, commands us to pray, and expects obedience to His commands. He will give, but not without our asking.” – Thomas Lye, How are we to Live by Faith on Divine Providence?

Stop “protecting” God’s reputation by denying His sovereignty. Stop attempting to fit God into your “good guy” box who doesn’t see or allow suffering.

Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts, by Jerry Bridges

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