Your Mind Matters

“Commitment without reflection is fantacism in action. But reflection without commitment is the paralysis of all action.”

– Dr. John Mackay, President of Princeton Seminary, quoted in John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“I am not pleading for a dry, humorless, academic Christianity, but for a warm devotion set on fire by truth.”

– John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“Opinions are stronger than armies. Opinions, if they are founded in truth and justice, will in the end prevail against the bayonets of infantry, the fire of artillery and the charges of calvary…”

– Lord Palmerston, House of Commons, July 21, 1849, quoted in John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“…A religion divorced from earnest and lofty thought has always, down the whole history of the church, tended to become weak, jejune and unwholesome, while the intellect, deprived of its rights within religion, has sough satsifcation without, and developed into godless rationalism.”

– James Orr, The Christian View of God and the World, quoted in John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“God has revealed himself in words to minds. His revelation is a natural revelation to rational creatures. Our duty is to receive his message, to submit to it, to seek to understand it, and to relate it to the world in which we live.”

– John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“A Christian mind [is] a mind trained, informed, equipped to handle data of secular controversy within a framework of reference which is constructed of Christian presuppositions….challenges current prejudices…disturbs the complacent…obstructs the busy pragmatists…questions the very foundations of all about him and…is a nuisance.”

– Henry Blamires, quoted in John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“Faith is essentially reasonable because it trusts in the character and the promises of God.”

– John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“Faith is a reasoning trust, a trust which reckons thoughtfully and confidently upon the trustworthiness of God.”

– John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“Faith according to our Lord’s teaching in this paragraph (Matthew 6:30), is primarily thinking, and the whole trouble with a man of little faith is that he does not think. He allows circumstances to bludgeon him…We must spend more time in studying our Lord’s lessons in observation and deduction. The Bible is full of logic, and we must never think of faith as something purely mystical. We do not just sit down in an armchair and expect things to happen to us. That is not Christian faith. Christian faith is essentially thinking. Look at the birds, think about them, and draw your deductions. Look at the grass, look at the lilies of the filed, consider them…Faith, if you like, can be defined like this: It is a man insisting upon thinking when everything seems determined to bludgeon and knock him down in an intellectual sense. The trouble with the person of little faith is that, instead of controlling his own thought, his thought is being controlled by something else, and, as we put it, he goes round and round in circles. That is the essence of worry…That is not thought, that is the absence of thought, a failure to think.”

– Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones, Studies on the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6:30, quoted in John Stott, Your Mind Matters


“That good which the mind cannot discover, the will cannot choose, nor the affections cleave to.”

– John Owen, quoted in John Stott, Your Mind Matters

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