As some of you know, part of my reason in coming to Papua New Guinea was to get a feel for long term missions, as I have been considering teaching on the mission field. Throughout the last few weeks, I have been given the opportunity to talk with several teachers and administrators here on the field. Today was actually a miracle, in that I had to go down to Lapilau, the nearby NTM base, for x-rays of my elbow (no worries, nothing is broken!) and during the extra time before my return ride to Interface, was able to sit in on two classes at the Lapilau High School, as well as talk with the Principal there. During lunch, I also was privileged to meet the Regional Coordinator (?) for the Islands region of PNG, and discuss the needs for teaching in that area, as well as different aspects of suchh a support role. Surprisingly, there is a huge need for support missionaries, as well as the tribal missionaries. Through these conversations, and several others earlier in my stay here with other teachers, I have been greatly blessed and encouraged in my direction to pursue teaching, with the goal of heading to the mission field at some point.

The other miracle for which God deserves complete glory involves the weather. For those of you who don’t know, it is the rainy season here. That means that it typically rains pretty much every day. However, there has been unusual amounts of rain in the last week, creating a mudslide instead of a road where there was once a road connecting Interface with the outside world. Sunday night, two of the guys got stuck on their way back from town, and another vehicle got stuck in the process of getting them out. So by 10:00 p.m. Sunday night, two vehicles were stuck in the deep mud, both 4-wheel drive, and one of them having severe alternator issues. That being said, four of the staff guys were out there working on the road for 24 hours attempting to get the vehciles out and repair the road enough to get them home. By 7:00 p.m. Monday night, they had gotten both the Hilux and the 4Runner home, by using the backhoe to tow the Hilux which had stopped running completely. Right as the backhoe pulled in, the hydraulic hose controlling the bucked failed, allowing them just enough time to drive it into the workshop. After working with a team of nationals both Tuesday and Wednesday, the road is in passable condition, but only by a miracle of God that it has been sunny for the the last two days, and multiple miracles allowing the guys to get back safely and without injury Monday with all three vehciles. God is good…even in Papua New Guinea on crazy mountainous dirt roads with ruts four feet deep in places.

Lookim youpela.

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