Thank You

“Yu mi olgeta long brota na susa long Jisas.”

You and I are all brothers and sisters in Jesus.

The emotion with which these words were uttered is indescribable. My Simbari brothers and sisters know what it is to be saved by grace alone. It is their very life and joy to study the newly translated Scripture and Bible lessons. In all my years of attending church, I have never seen a body of believers so excited to simply praise the Lord. What if they had never heard?

During the four weeks I spent at Interface among the Bena Bena people, I had the privilege of seeing the completion of the first phase of the chronological teaching from Creation to Christ in the Bena Bena language. After fifteen years spent studying the Bena Bea culture and language and three months of teaching several times a week, Rich was able to present the culmination of the Gospel in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Seven of the 50,000 Bena Bena people joined the body of Christ that day. What if Rich had not been willing to spend fifteen years for them to hear?

The truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of tribal people in Papua New Guinea alone who have never heard the Gospel in their own language. Without men and women like Rich and Dave who are willing to “…spend and be spent for [their] souls,” these people will perish in their sin and spend eternity separated from God. (2 Corinthians 12:15)

Thank you for your part in opening my eyes to the fear and inescapable bondage that these people are subject to apart from Christ. Thank you for your contribution to reaching the unreached people with the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was by your prayers and support that I was enabled to see a world beyond my own. This is a priceless gift. Yet, let me dare to ask more. I desire that you would join me in prayer “…that the Lord of the harvest raise up laborers…” and that He would continue to lead as I look towards a future serving in missions. (Luke 10:2) May God richly reward you for the tremendous blessing you have been to me.

Thank You

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  1. Daniel says:

    Wow- praise God! He does great work.

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