Cattle On A Thousand Hills

During the flight from Port Moresby, PNG to Narita, Japan, I was sitting by one of my teammates from the UK. Steve was expressing to me his doubts on finding a job, much less an enjoyable or profitable job. Upon hearing this, I began to explain to him my theory of how many Christians have a “beggar” mentality, where they seem to be afraid to expect too much from God. “You see,” I told him, “If God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, why ask for just one mangy scrawny thing? Ask for a herd of Angus. Why not? Scripture clearly shows that God loves to give exceeding and abundantly to His children. At this same time, I firmly believe in being content with what you have, and being content when the answer is no. I just don’t understand why children of the King have the mentality of a beggar rather than an heir. I just believe in asking.” Still skeptical, Steve went on his way. Three days later I received an e-mail with the subject: Cattle on a Thousand Hills.

Hey Abi!

You know you were saying about the Lord having the cattle on a thousand hills? God being able to provide just so much more for me than a dead end horrible job – I was a bit unexcited by it, but just that has happened, I’m blown away!

I’ve been back 3 days and starting tommorow I’m going to be working at a Christian outdoor adventure center which uses horse riding, abseiling, climbing all that kind of thing to reach out to the Kids in the local schools and then inviting them to an evening youth club where they can do all these activities and hear the gospel! The council will be paying me to get people hearing the gospel through adventure activites! It’s a dream job!!!! It even starts every day with prayer and bible study!

It’s a mile from my house and only a couple of days ago I had no idea it even existed!! God has provided in the most immense unbelievable way!

I’m happy!


That’s a job even I wouldn’t turn down. I find it so exciting to watch God pour out blessings on people – even when it may just be to remind us that He does own the cattle on a thousand hills and He does love to give good gifts to His children. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

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