Even the Little Things…


I know I sometimes question how much God cares about the little things. Things like…cellphones. I only mention this because I have a track record – nine cell phones in five years. Admittedly, I don’t want to say that God desires that I have a cell phone, or anything of the sort. However, God does hear our prayers over the little things. Why do I say this? Because God works miracles. The phone I have currently has already been dunked in a creek, dried out, and put back to work. This afternoon, I was out riding for a few hours and came back only to realize that my phone was not in my pocket. I looked all over the house, hoping that it had gotten left at home, but it was nowhere to be found. Thus, I took mom’s phone and began re-tracing my path through the knee-deep blowing snow. Two hours later, I returned home. No phone. I hadn’t seen or heard any trace of it. There was only one place left to look – our hay field, where I had already ridden through looking, but hadn’t yet walked. The whole time I had been searching, I had been praying that God would please let me find my phone, but by this point, I was beginning to lose hope. I went out to the field, and realized that my tracks had been covered by the blowing snow, making my search next to impossible. Impossible – the word that God loves to use in showing His power. As I continued to trudge through the snow calling my phone, I heard my ringtone in the distance. Following the sound, I found a hole in the snow no bigger than the end of my phone, as it had entered the drift vertically and was buried deep within. Opening it, I saw 73 missed calls and one answered prayer.

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