Hiding The Light


When Christians express to me their commitment to evangelism, I am always tempted to ask them what they’re doing about it. As a church we often include evangelism and discipleship in our carefully formulated mission statements…but I must question if in reality we, myself included, do a better job of hiding the light. Just last week a mother was asking for prayer as her family made the decision to attend one of two church gatherings. Contrasting the two, this Christian woman praised the first body of believers for the outstanding role models they provided for her children then explained how the second church bussed kids from the community in, thus giving it a “public school” atmosphere – causing her to fear that she might “lose her kids.” This disturbs me. Don’t get me wrong. I realize the effects of peer pressure on our youth, but I believe it is a two-way street. If we remove our Christian youth from the culture in fear that the culture will destroy them, then what is the hope for the youth of our culture? Prepare your Christan youth to engage the culture and jump in yourself. We need to get out of our “holy huddles,” get some unsaved friends and love them. Christ didn’t hang out with the religious but the sinners, so He could save them in Himself. I am not saying we should conform to the culture – but that we need to be willing to be in it. Perhaps we will have to get a little smoky pulling people from the fire, but if properly prepared, they will be saved and we will not be harmed. It is time the church stood firm on the truth of Scripture and engaged in the daily hand-to-hand combat for the souls of the men, women, and children who make up this culture we live in. Stop hiding the light and remember that though we are not of this world, we are called to be in it.

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  1. deanjbaker says:

    good to see this

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