As I read the latest Miracle Mountain Ranch Box Cross: Lew’s Lines article on transitions, I understood more how faithful God has been to me in the past six months since leaving the Ranch. As some of you know, my second year at the Ranch was also full of transitions, but the process of coming home, of being in Papua New Guinea for a month long missions trip, and of readjusting to the American culture has all been trying. It was just this last week that I was crying out to God in seeming despair as I felt I could no long form or maintain purposeful/meaningful relationships. The friends from the Ranch who I loved so much were far away, and the many friends here did not seem to be friends who I felt I could openly share with. Thanks to the responses of “emergency prayer” e-mails to several of my past C.A.M.P. room-mates, I began to turn my eyes off of my own perceived needs onto the needs of those friends who I had felt had little time or interest for a deeper relationship. As I looked to merely invest into their lives with no expectation of return, I was blessed beyond measure with a greater depth of time spent in the Word, and even the re-opening of friendships which seemed dead. All this to say that God has been faithfully guiding me through what has seemed to be a never-ending series of transitions, that though difficult, have been carefully designed to mature me and to give the Trainer glory through His work in my life.

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