Run in God’s Name


The Lord has been incredibly good to me this week (though isn’t He every week?). Though I have been convicted of my misplaced priorities and values of late, by the grace of God, I have not felt guilty. Perhaps I should clarify that: the difference between conviction and guilt seen as the first being an acknowledgment of my sin in light of God’s holiness, but also with the perspective of His grace and mercy to me; the second being a focus on my failure rather than the grace of God. As I continue to study Scripture for what “real life as a Gospel-centered Christian” looks like, I believe I am seeing more and more that it is something that shows externally, but is originated internally (Oh, wait, I already knew that. Oops), but is also primarily evidenced in love. Loving people has always been #2 on my “voiced priority” list, but does not always happen, as I’m not naturally a person who really loves other people. So I’m definitely working on getting my “lived-out priorities” back to #1 Love God, #2 Love People, and then to #3 Love Life. That last one, I’m afraid to say, had been jumping ahead of the rest for awhile. I haven’t solved all my problems, but I do feel like I’m making some headway. I praise the Lord that the righteous man is not so merely because he doesn’t fall, but rather because he falls, gets back up, and keeps walking forward. Though I have certainly fallen numerous times over the last few weeks, by the grace of God, He has not cast me aside, but is raising me up once again to be used as an instrument for His glory.

It is my prayer that all of my life may be lived as Eric Liddell’s coach encouraged him to run: “Run in God’s name and let the world stand back and wonder.”

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