Lead Me to the Cross


Lift up your eyes to the heavens and behold the wondrous works of the Lord! The weather here has been beautiful lately. During the day, the blue skies and bright sunshine warm the air. A majestic array of stars adorns the night skies. It is times like this that I regret any time spent inside. If I can be outside, even to sleep, that is where I prefer to be. As I’ve spent several evenings lying under the stars just staring out into space, the very greatness of the Lord has struck me yet again. The stars look so far away, yet I know they are so huge. If I could see beyond the few stars visible from my position on earth, there would be yet more stars in a seemingly endless universe. Scripture reminds me that, “The Lord breathed out the stars.” Wow. At that thought, I can only sit in stunned silence. Who am I that the Lord of all Creation, who has breathed out this universe….who am I that He would care to know me personally, much less to send His son to die for my sins?

I have been reading through Isaiah, Hosea, and Joel over the last several weeks, and the phrase, “That they may know that I am God” has stood out to me as a primary refrain. What the Lord does, He does that all the earth might glorify Him as God. Thus, could it be that the vast span of the heavens was created for only one purpose? The sunrise and sunset crafted in stunning beauty—for one purpose? Scripture seems to support the idea—that heaven and earth and everything in them was created so that the Lord might be known as the one true God.

The pastor of our church was out of town this last week, so one of the elders shared what the Lord had laid on his heart. His primary question was, “Who is boss?” If we are to recognize the Lord as the one true God, then we must also recognize Him as boss over our lives. As a Christian, this is often assumed, yet, in my life, I fear is rarely applied. In rote terms, I claim that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, yet how often do I live my life as if I am the only lord of my life? This message came on the heels of a recent “addiction” to two specific songs on my playlist: “Surrender” and “Lead me to the Cross” by Seventh Day Slumber. The lyrics of each read: “I’m giving you my dreams. I’m laying down my rights. I’m giving up my pride. For the promise of new life. And I surrender. All to you, all to you.” “Savior I come…Everything I once held dear, I count it all as loss. Lead me to the cross, where your love poured out. Bring me to my knees, Lord I lay me down. Rid me of myself, I belong to you. Lead me. Lead me to the cross.” In each of these choruses, my heart has resonated with the cry to surrender everything that my Lord might truly be Lord in my life.

As I continue to stare up at the stars above, it is my prayer that God would continue to open my eyes to the beauty of His creation, only to remind me to surrender to Him as Lord in each area of each day. I must never forget that the Lord, He is God.

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