The Kindness of Severity


“They must come to grips with the kindness of severity – that He is known best when He is needed MOST. ” – Doug, The Dime With Doug 

As I read these words this morning, I did a double-take. This short sentence succinctly embodied the message of the Gospel–that only when people see their sin do they cling to the Savior and not let go. Yet, what I am doing? I enjoy my life riding horses, playing volleyball, riding my bike, going to concerts, and experiencing relative ease. I am driven no closer to Christ. I struggle to grasp onto something new each morning as I read my Bible, often wondering if I will find that life-changing nugget of truth each morning. Doug’s family as undergone eight months of pain, emotional trauma, and suffering as Jada has fought with cancer. Each day and sometimes each minute brings experiences that force them to their knees before an ever-merciful Savior. It sounds almost sick and twisted to pray for pain. Story after story of great “heroes of the faith” show that God brings trials into our lives so that He can show His power. What if I were to pray that God would show Himself great in my life–even if it required suffering? Am I willing to endure the pain to find myself drawing closer in a deeper and more true relationship with God? Lord, I do want to know You more, whatever it costs.



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