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As I’m writing a poetry unit for the 9th grade Honors English class I’m student teaching at Carroll, I realized that I haven’t written any poetry of my own in a very long time. Thus, in honor of my to-be-amazing poetry unit, the next few posts will be containing some of the poetry I have written over the last year (feel free to comment with suggestions for improvement; I’m thinking I’ll be writing more before this semester and my unit is over).

Coram Deo: A Midnight Ride

The urge to fly,

To run away.

The pressing weight,

On this late night.

Slipping silently,

Escaping quietly.

Night air beckons,

Stills the seconds.

Before the face of God,

Coram Deo.

Trotting mystically,

Thinking biblically.

Bright white stars,

The planet Mars.

Orion’s strong arm,

Above this farm.

Just a horse and a dog,

With this girl through the fog.

Before the face of God,

Coram Deo.

Seeking the God triune,

Beneath the lighted moon.

The pain of her heart,

Pierces like a dart.

Silently screaming,

Barely trusting.

There’s a God alright,

To bring us through the night.

Before the face of God,

Coram Deo.

A distant shot rang out,

Like the pervading doubt.

Of God’s sovereign hand,

She now bears the brand.

The late night party sound,

There no silence found.

Galloping, running,

Flying, praying.

Before the face of God,

Coram Deo.

A needed ride,

She contented sighed.

A God who hears,

He’s always near.

For Him alone I’ll wait,

Though it’s getting late.

Salvation is from Him,

Let the world grow dim.

Before the face of God,

Coram Deo.


Written by Abigail Snyder, 12:53 A.M., November 22, 2009

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