In the twelfth grade English Honors dual-credit class that I am currently co-teaching, we are addressing the plot within literature. Specifically, what is the climax? The climax is the point of tension before the reader knows what will happen. I have often said that human lives are stories, often with highly complex plots. I find it interesting, however, that we, and myself in particular, love the climax in stories, but hate it in our own lives.

Just this afternoon, after returning from an incredible day of student teaching, I received a phone call from Liberty University’s advising office regarding licensure. “Sweet,” was my first thought, “now I will know exactly when and how to apply for licensure this fall.” That would have been simple. There would not have been any real climax. Fortunately, God loves the climax. He loves to use the climax to magnify His power and goodness in our lives. Instead of the boring, “Abby went to school, became a teacher, and got a job,” God chose to throw in some tension, a climax, in my story of becoming a teacher. The news from Liberty University was that in negotiations with the state of Virginia, the content competencies for fall graduates were all re-evaluated. In the process, they decided that several of my previously accepted credits no longer applied, leaving me short six credit hours. The result of this judgment was that I would still graduate in December with a M.A. in Teaching, but that I could not apply for licensure in Virginia until I took college courses to fulfill the missing competencies. Ironically enough, one of the courses could be filled by the very “Introduction to Literature” dual-credit course I am co-teaching. This leaves me with a degree, without licensure, without money for classes, and without available classes this fall. So much for getting a job teaching after Christmas break.

The great thing about a climax, though, is that there is always resolution. After the climax comes the falling action, then the resolution. The cool thing about letting God write my story is that I have no idea how He will choose to resolve this. I am a character in a story with an author who is concerned only for my good and His glory. How cool is that??? As for me, I choose to be excited about this new twist in my story, this new climax where I have no idea what is coming next or how the conflict will be resolved. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll share not only how I brainstormed resolutions to this conflict, but also how God really designed the story. Just like the readers of a good story, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!

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