Creation Reflection

Thursday night at Threefold, a college group I’ve been attending recently, we reviewed the Creation story. As the narrative was read aloud, each of us took a pen and paper and wrote or drew what stood out to us. I began writing notes on the grandeur of God as the great I Am who was when there was nothing else, who created the Earth out of nothing, an explosion of light, brilliant flowers, and majestic mountains suddenly appearing as He spoke. Then my pen died. Unable to finish my thoughts, I began etching the word “God” in the my paper. When I finished I had an engraved “God” on an otherwise blank sheet of paper. “That’s cool,” I thought. “Before anything else was, God was.” I continued to meditate on my creation. Then the significance of my accidental artwork occurred to me. God’s creation, His masterpiece, His reflection, humans, were created to create. My poor representation of God’s existence prior to creation only reveals the inadequacy of all human creativity in comparison to His majestic work. Art, music, and literature are merely blurred mirror reflections of the creative work of God. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!


2 Corinthians 12:15

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