Prayer Necklaces


The “Missions Necklaces:”

The story:
Several years ago, I met a dear friend, Amber Marshall. Amber was the sister of a classmate, and was visiting from Niger, West Africa, where she served as a dorm parent. When I met her, she was in an interim period of ministry, a period of collecting support from individuals, families, and churches, to be able to return to Sahel Academy. The school her sister and I attended held a missions conference. For that conference, several girls created woven bracelets and necklaces. They were simple, but at the same time, perfect as a cute, trendy, or even dressy accessory. The necklaces were sold to raise money for Amber and her ministry. Since that time, I have had an unopened roll of the thread used to make the necklaces that was just laying in the closet. This fall, as I have considered means to garner support for friends serving in missions here in the United States or overseas, I thought of the necklaces. Each time I wear the necklace that was made for Amber’s support, I am reminded to pray for her. “What if,” I wondered, “the necklaces could do the same thing for other people?” With that idea, a project was born: make as many necklaces as possible with prayer cards for missions. The prayer cards evolved several times and the necklaces vary in weaving and thickness, but with the project completed, I am excited to give the necklaces away to friends willing to commit to praying for missionaries, persecuted Christians, unreached people groups, and the worldwide body of Christ.

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