Sermon Reflections

Matthew 5:48 – “Be ye therefore perfect…”

Perfect? How do I deal with that? I have trouble being moderately “good;” perfect seems unattainable. The preceding verses tell us that even the heathens like those who like them. To do so is nothing extraordinary. It is difficult to love our enemies, even to joyfully reach out to those who are different than us is not easy. Simple ambivalence is not enough. Quiet apathy is only a veil for the attitude of avoiding people we don’t like. The inexplicable love of God empowers us to love, to build relationships, and to enjoy life with those who we are not naturally attracted to.

Jesus’ command to be perfect is designed to set you free. Perfection and love flows from a heart that pursues relationship with God, not performance for Him. The word perfect can be translated into “wanting nothing necessary for completeness.” this reminds me of 2 Peter, where Scripture says that we have been given everything necessary for life and godliness. God does not expect us to be perfect without previously enabling us to reach the goal of walking in perfect fellowship with Him.

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