Am I Wasting My Life?

Today’s article by Desiring God, Jay and Katrina Didn’t Waste Their Lives, really made me reconsider what my short- and long-term goals are for my life. Am I living a life that is wholly captivated with proclaiming the glory and truth of God to people, or am I torn away by the “fun” of this life–the bicycles, motorcycles, speed boats, fast cars, and sports? Lord, fill my heart to overflowing with You and let me not be drawn away from the fulfillment of your Great Commission wherever you have me.

Jay Erickson thought about death. He and his wife Katrina, along with their two little girls, moved in next to a bush hospital in Zambia earlier this year where he wrote they could “hear quite clearly the wails of mourning with each death” (Pondering Death). Jay was trained as a bush pilot and aircraft mechanic at Moody Aviation. Seeking to make Jesus known, he and his family were serving a remote mission hospital along the banks of the Zambezi River too difficult to access by roads. He transported medical supplies and food along with doctors, patients, and missionaries….
Continue reading: Jay and Katrina Didnt Waste Their Lives – Desiring God.

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