Florida Adventures, part four

The thought from class today that flashed neon in my brain was, “When you travel, carry a leaky seed basket.” What a fantastic concept! Think about it. In Fort Wayne, the city where I grew up, there is an entire park dedicated to Johnny Appleseed, a man whose legend claims that he did just that–traveled with a leaky seed basket (and a tin cap on his head!). On a spiritual level, if your seed basket is leaking, you will leave spiritual influence or seeds behind you wherever you go.

When this concept was mentioned briefly at Pre-Field Orientation, it made me think about the seeds that were planted early on in my life.

I had the privilege of growing up in a home with Christian parents who were (and are) very mission-oriented. I remember my parents supporting various missionaries as I was growing up. Their photos were on the refrigerator and every once in awhile, when a couple or family was home on furlough, they would come to our home for dinner. I still have fond memories of playing with missionary kids that I’d never met before, but who loved tag and UNO and the swing set just as much as my siblings and I did. Later on, as I got older, I remember listening to my parents talk with missionary couples about their work overseas.

Not only was I exposed to the financial and prayer support of missionaries, I was an avid reader and my parents provided me with a seemingly endless collection of missionary biographies to read. As I read, I walked through India with Amy Carmichael, prayed for food with George Mueller, and hiked through the jungle, flew planes, and trusted God with the numerous other missionaries in the pages of the books. I am so grateful for the abundance of positive and edifying reading material that shaped my early appetites in literature. Even now, I love to read the true stories of men and women as they walked through life and encountered God’s hand in their lives.

Clearly, my parents, intentionally or not, had a integral role in planting seeds in my heart throughout my growing years. They never told me, “You should be a missionary,” but they walked along with leaky seed baskets, allowing God to take those seeds and transform them into trees, with roots dug deep into Scripture.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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