Now Reading…

I’ve been reading a fair amount lately, as being a teacher gives me more free time in the summer than previous compilations of part-time jobs have. Some of the books I’ve read (or am currently reading) include:

King’s Crossby Tim Keller
This book is EXCELLENT! It is a look at Christ through the eyes of the book of Mark, yet is laced with Tim Keller’s identifiable style of writing and storytelling. Reading this (and I’m not all the way through it) has opened my eyes to a plethora of practical ways in which I can more actively trust God, similar to the ways in which Jesus challenged the disciples to trust Him.

The Patent, by Joseph Chamberlain Henry and Max Garwood
Written by a family friend, this book essentially forced me to continue turning pages as I was drawn into the fast-paced sequence of events and the characters’ lives. I was intrigued by the familial connections within the book, as well as the extensive treatment of Indiana history and landscapes, patent law, and even Israeli customs. As the seemingly disconnected pieces of the book came together, woven into a single, well-crafted finale, I found myself wishing there was more, not because there was any lack of resolution, but because I had related so well with the characters and wanted to delve more deeply into their lives. This book contains the action sequences to entertain a teenage reader, yet the depth to attract older and more mature readers as well!

Macbeth, the Novel, by A.J. Hartley and David Hewson
This I read, not because I particularly enjoy the story of Macbeth, but to explore the story from a different angle (which is why, I presume, the authors wrote the book). The novel stays close to the original plot by Shakespeare, even sticking to original names, places, and events. There are a few discrepancies, which are noted in the back of the book. Overall, I personally think more of Shakespeare’s works should be translated into novels, or at least into plays with updated language. But that’s just my opinion… 😉

I’m open to suggestions for other books I should check out, since I still have a few weeks of summer left!

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