They Say I’m Crazy


It’s true. Most people I know think I’m crazy. Maybe jumping off of waterfalls, riding a bicycle for 160 miles in a day, or buying a Kawasaki Ninja have something to do with that. Or mountain biking, playing volleyball, riding horses, bridge jumping, trail running, and swimming across flooded rivers. Or teaching high school, leading youth group, playing volleyball, taking college classes, volunteering for Campus Life, and attending Bible study all at the same time. Or…yeah.

Personally, I think it has more to do with my family. I mean, come on, I have two extremely creative brothers, a super intelligent sister (Who else knows the meaning of words like malagrugrous and perrisology?), and parents who encourage us to explore our various interests. Growing up, boredom wasn’t even a part of my vocabulary. If building forts, riding bicycles tied to the lawn mower, and pole vaulting with rebar weren’t options outdoors, then hurdling Legos, splashing finger paint on the ceiling, or having bouncy-ball races across the basement were options indoors (Yes, we did all of those things at one point or another).

But what’s wrong with crazy? I was giving my sister some advice over the phone this week, and among some rather eclectic options such as “Don’t pass tractor trailers, they might explode” (Yes, it really happened this past weekend! I had just passed a semi when the whole front end exploded, sending fire and truck pieces flying everywhere. Now that’s crazy!), and “Don’t buy Pizza King, it’s expensive,” I gave her what I consider to be my life goals. Love God. Love people. Love life. I think fulfilling that goal might just mean being a little crazy.

After all, Abraham was considered a bit crazy for leaving his home and following God to who-knows-where. God commended his faith. Noah was practically condemned as a lunatic for building an ark in the middle of a desert. God praised his faith. Paul endured beating after beating for the cause of Christ, even to the point where the other Christians thought he was insane. God used him mightily in the expansion of the Gospel.

I’m not saying that my adventurous streak is spiritual. But I do think that by enjoying and loving the life that God gave me and the world that he placed me in with all it’s waves, waterfalls, mountains, and lakes, that I can in some way praise Him as Creator of all this goodness. I do think by using the physical abilities that God has given me, I can praise and glorify Him. So yeah, people might think I’m a bit crazy, but really, I’m just living life to the fullest….”skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and bull riding” (to quote Tim McGraw). And in so doing, I recognize fully that I could never have biked 160 miles without the grace of God and the help of many others…and the same is true for everything else I attempt on this epic journey called life.

As a good friend told me a few weeks ago, “Love the Lord with all your heart, and do whatever you want. Because if you love the Lord with all your heart, whatever you want will be nothing short of amazing.”

Lord, give me the grace to love you with everything I am.

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  1. Jessica says:

    An exploding semi?! Oh my! That IS crazy 😀 I love that last quote, especially, “…because if you love the Lord with all your heart, whatever you want will be nothing short of amazing.” Riding with Jesus is amazing 😀

    p.s. I am trying to envision riding a bicycle tied to a lawnmower…oh my! 😀 😀 😀

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