Happy Thanksgiving!


It seems like summer was just yesterday, but, according to the calendar, Thanksgiving is just a week away. Maybe that’s because in Indiana, it was “summer” with sunshine and 70s on Sunday, before it snowed on Monday! When I think about Thanksgiving, I always remember a simple activity my parents incorporated into our yearly tradition. Before we dove into the plates of hot, steaming turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, Mom passed out five kernels of corn. The corn was dry and hard, typically gleaned from the neighboring fields, and for each piece, we shared something we were thankful for. It was a five minute blip in the holiday festivities, but those five kernels stuck with me.

Even though we haven’t used the five kernels of corn in several years to celebrate Thanksgiving, Scripture makes it clear that every day is to be a day of praise and thanksgiving. The holiday is just a special reminder to those of us who tend to be less grateful. So as Thanksgiving approaches, I want to share my “five kernels” with you:

  1. Faithful mentors – I have been overwhelmingly blessed with older, godly men and women to whom I can turn for advice, counsel, and an example to follow.
  2. Family – My family pretty much rocks! I still live at home, so I get to enjoy them on a daily basis—everything from the arguments over leftovers to playing with the best volleyball team on earth (the Fearsome Foursome), and all-around just the fun of living together.
  3. Work – Despite turning down a full-time position this spring in hopes of leaving for Papua New Guinea, I have been blessed with an incredible job teaching tenth grade English at Carroll High School this semester, and the prospect of teaching at least half of next semester as well.
  4. Friends – Long ago, during a routine physical examination, my doctor asked me if I had any friends. I was homeschooled, after all, and homeschoolers are supposed to be unsocialized. Or so I’ve heard. I think back on that conversation and laugh. I have friends in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Germany, Africa, England, and all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada. I have friends from church, friends from volleyball, friends from mountain biking, and friends I don’t even know how I met. And I love them all.
  5. Dusseau’s Bible Study – One of the biggest blessings in my life this year has been a Bible study for college-age young adults that a friend introduced me to early this summer. Doc routinely shares his insights into the Word and encourages us to leave each week with something practical to apply, so we will not become “hearers only.”

There are many, many more things that God has blessed me with this year and it would be a tragedy if Thanksgiving was the only time that I expressed my gratefulness. What about you—what are your “five kernels?” I’d love to hear how God has blessed you this year!

Many thanks,


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