A Month of Missions


Over the last month, I have been using a little booklet titled Gospel Meditations for Missions to guide my study of Scripture. It has been a soul-searching month, as I’ve re-encountered the Word and truths I’ve known for years from a different perspective and focus. From the introduction, where editor Chris Anderson writes “Missions is a normal part of every Christian’s life,” to the closing page, I’ve found conviction and encouragement on nearly every page. Some of the thoughts that stood out to me are listed below…maybe they will be an encouragement to you as well for this new year ahead.

“Missions is…at the heart of God Himself.”

“Jesus is telling a disreputable and broken woman that God is seeking worshippers–and making them out of people like her!” (In reference to John 4:23)

“Everything he saw was filtered through his worldview as a man crucified with Christ.” (Paul)

“There’s a huge difference between mission and passion. Mission is required; passion is acquired. Mission is duty; passion is delight. Mission says, ‘I have to witness’; passion says ‘I get to witness!’ If all you have is mission, that’s okay–it’s not hypocrisy to obey orders despite a deficiency of passion. But the more you ‘mish,’ the more you will acquire the inner fire that Paul showed in Athens.”

“Meditating on missions is meaningless without movement. When God stirs your spirit, He also loosens your tongue, rattles your routine, and gets you off the couch.”

“The struggles and soldiering of Kingdom-work are mostly done in obscurity.”

“For [ancient Christians], missionary service was a one-way ticket. Of course, cross-bearing is a one-way ticket too.”

“For those with a heart for Him, He will lead them through impossibilities as He builds His Kingdom in every land.”

“Christians, like Christ, have been sent into the world. Our orders couldn’t be clearer. So what are we waiting for?”

“Paul focused and acted upon one explanation of which he was certain: God sends saved people to lost people, and He wants them to preach the Gospel.”

“It’s like getting new eyes to see Gospel designs in our seasons of pain or frustration. In the middle of your affliction, with whom can you share Christ? … Your hardship is for God’s glory. And for the coworker’s good. And, if you love God, for your good too. The Romans 8:28 promise is for those who love God. Those who do will grow to love what He loves–and He loves unfurling His glorious Gospel. Because God is ordering your steps, because He is on a grand campaign to draw people to Himself, and because He wants you to proclaim the Gospel, therefore, you can safely assume that the weird, painful, or frustrating thing that just happened must certainly have something to do with Gospel expansion.”

“Persecution is tied to the very nature of the Gospel and is essential to its progress…and our persecution glorifies God. His Word advances as His people demonstrate trust, hope, love, and grace while suffering for Him.”

“The goal of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to make God famous in every tribe and tongue and language and people.”

“Cross-bearing is fully embracing, fully following, fully identifying with Jesus–whatever that will mean for you and wherever He will lead you.”

“Spending life well means investing it for maximum impact for Christ!”

“Christian, the lost world pursues comfort. You should sacrifice your comfort in pursuit of the lost world.”

“Let the Gospel’s advance be your heartbeat.”

“What would motivate such audacious risk? A longing for the glory of Christ’s name. It tethers them to the field through suffering. It fortifies them amidst despair. It is the grand cause of their lives.”

“We get to be part of a cosmic cause–the turning of rebels into worshippers who will one day bow with us around Jesus’ throne.”

“Let the Gospel make you live and give with reckless abandon for Christ’s name.”

“To evangelize is to win disciples, to become fishers of men, to carry the Gospel message directly to all the nations…if we are ashamed of the Gospel message our lives will not be radiant.” – The Cross and the Great Commission by Samuel Zwemer

“Jesus didn’t see just a crowd. He saw individuals–real people with real needs. Pity broken people, just like Jesus did. Notice them. Listen to them. Engage them with the Gospel.”

“The Lord Jesus is telling you to take your worldly wealth and fleeting time and put them to Gospel use.”

“Don’t trade your life for the least valuable thing in this world: money and possessions. Instead, make your money serve you and your Gospel ambitions to make God famous all over this earth.”

“Let the Gospel inspire you to live as though souls are more significant than gourds.” (In reference to the story of Jonah.)

“Even though most of us are a comfortable distance from the front lines, we can get into the fight by getting on our knees! Pray for grace for those in harm’s way. Pray for protection and peace. Pray for boldness in the Gospel so that Christ, who first suffered for us, would be magnified in and through the suffering of His people.”

“Let the Gospel demonstrate its power through risk-taking, self-replacing ministry.”

“Our main problem isn’t fear…there’s a bigger issue. Christ is not our life (Philippians 1:21). We’re self-absorbed. Distracted. Apathetic. Unimpressed at the stunning honor of fulfilling biblical prophecies. Passionate about anything other than harvest fields of unreached souls–unreached not because they’re unreachable, but because we’ve chosen not to reach them.”

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