Book Review: Thrive

Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended by Lina Abujamra brings Scripture and truth to the topic of singleness like a cold drink of water after an exhausting run. Lina merges careful study with personal experience as she exhorts her readers to join her in thriving, rather than just surviving, as a single Christian. She meets readers where they are, battling lust, loneliness, fear, self-pity, or idolatry, and opens the pages of Scripture to reveal the true love of Christ that is often missed. Recognizing the freedom and joy of singleness, this book is full of practical steps to embracing holiness and finding gratefulness for the grand gift of singleness. In short, if you are a single Christian, reading Thrive will leave you motivated and ready to climb off the couch of self-pity and get out on the track and run the race that God has set before you!

Make sure you check out Lina Abujamra’s blog, one of the sites I read faithfully for a fresh and honest look at living the daily Christian walk.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for a sincere review of its contents. This review is my honest and personal review of the book and was not edited or changed by the author or publisher in any way.

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