Sunshine & Tears


Beauty slips unnoticed

through dusty windows

Rays of light arrayed

in glorious arcs

Tears stream unnoticed

down lonely cheeks

Silent shoulders shake

from heart caverns

Brilliant light dries

and dissipates floods

Deep love washes

even deeper wounds


“They who feel their captivity shall have their mouths filled with laughter and joy: that is, redemption and deliverance from sin and death shall be preached unto them. This is the sense and meaning of the Holy Ghost, that the mouth of such shall be filled with laughter, that is, their mouth shall show forth nothing else but great gladness through the inestimable consolations of the gospel, with voices of triumph and victory by Christ, overcoming Satan, destroying death, and taking away sins… The gospel is nothing else but laughter and joy.”

— Martin Luther, quoted by Charles Spurgeon in The Treasury of David

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