For Two Years…


In Philip Keller’s book on Psalm 23, he exposes the sheep in all its insufficiency, helplessness, and utter dependence on the shepherd. There are certain points in life where my own insufficiency, helplessness, and utter dependence on the Shepherd are displayed in all the brilliance of a glaring neon sign. Ugly. I don’t like this.

When my brand new iPhone 5 stopped working Friday morning, just days before my departure to Africa, I freaked out. At Verizon, the employee groped clumsily, leaving me only with his worthless fingerprints all over my screen and unfounded opinions. Tuesday. 48 mailing hours. Buy a Droid. I might have said a bad word. My self-sustained universe was collapsing into tiny shards of Apple technology.

Questions define my existence right now. Are you packed? Did you forget anything? What will living in Tanzania be like? How well will you be able to keep in touch? Can you actually learn enough Swahili to communicate? How does the Cambridge education system work? What will you miss the most about America? I stutter and choke, quietly smothering the overwhelming insecurity that threatens to take me captive. I, like the sheep so well described by Philip Keller, am completely dependent on the Shepherd.

Long story short, I have incredible managers at work who graciously allowed me to skip work, and a fantabulous mom who drove me all the way to Mishawaka and back, nearly 2 hours each way. In Mishawaka, we walked into the Apple Store, discovered that my phone had been faulty since day one, and had a brand new phone (for free!) five minutes later. The Shepherd provides.

As I make the final preparations to leave and board the airplane for Tanzania in just twelve hours, I know that the Shepherd goes before me. And, as the sheep in Psalm 23, I must praise Him for His great grace and undeserved blessing!

My goal is to stay in touch via my blog, e-mail, and possibly even Facebook when I have the opportunity. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at any time! Thank you for your prayers and generosity that has made this possible.

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