Hello from Iringa!Language school started on Monday so I am officially learning a few Swahili words. Some of my favorites are the word for horse, the word for spider, and the word for goat. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to spell them yet so it might be best for you to look them up on Google to find out. The first day of language school was overwhelming. My brain had not needed to remember nearly so much vocabulary in a very long time. Yesterday and today were much better as I feel I am getting into the swing of identifying objects by their Swahili names.
Iringa is a much higher and much drier place than Dar es Salaam. Unlike Dar, Iringa is actually somewhat cold, especially at night and in the morning. I am glad I brought a few hoodies and some sweatpants! Despite the cold, it is beautiful! It is a semi arid climate and in the mountains so there are lots of things to explore. The campsite is along a river so I have enjoyed walking up and down the river. Yesterday, I found a man-made dam/ waterfall which they use as a part of their water transportation and collection system to get drinking water. (There are pictures on Facebook!)
I do have Internet on my phone here, but not on my laptop. So I will keep posting pictures as I see new and interesting things, and I will try to get a blog post or email out every couple of weeks. It gets a little old talking to Siri in order to write the posts! I do love hearing from everyone though, so if you have written me an email or Facebook message, it is much appreciated!


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  1. Jessica says:

    Love reading your updates, Abby 🙂 I googled Iringa and saw a picture…it looks (and sounds, from your descriptions) so pretty! 🙂
    Oh yes…and on my phone I have a world clock that’ll show Indiana’s time and another time that I choose. So today I set it to Dar es Salaam…I’ll think of and pray for you whenever I see it 😉

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