Settling In


I know that I promised another Q&A post, and it is coming. Eventually. I’m putting it off a little because one of the first questions people asked was what a “normal day” looked like for me here in Tanzania. Right now, I have no idea. Right now, there is no such thing as a “normal day” because school hasn’t started and so I don’t really have a routine. Yesterday, I went to church. Today, I went up to HOPAC to get a replacement book for the one the dog chewed (yes, my dog ate my homework!) and to continue preparing for the school year. I read a play, wrote up some unit goals, ate some cold rice and beans for lunch, went out to buy some bananas and practice my Swahili with my friend at the fruit & veggie stand, and then bought a Ginger Ale and practiced more Swahili talking with my friend at the “duka” across the street. That was today. Tomorrow will be completely different, aside from the fact that I might go to HOPAC again for a few hours in the morning. And that I will probably eat more cold rice and beans for lunch.

So once school starts on the 28th, I hope to get into more of a consistent routine. I imagine that my days will consist of teaching, Swahili time with a language helper a few days a week, and preparing for the next day. But we’ll see! As soon as I know what a “normal day” is, I’ll let you know! In the meantime, I’m still compiling a list of questions, so if there’s anything you want to know about my life in Tanzania, just let me know!

Okay, that was long. I was going to just write a short little post to say that I’m starting to settle in to life in Dar. Maybe you got that out of the preceding paragraphs. Maybe not. I’m feeling more comfortable walking and biking around my immediate neighborhood. I’m starting to make some Tanzanian acquaintances. I’ve found a local church to attend regularly. Now I just need to learn more Swahili! Its like going to Iringa for a month was dipping my toes in the water…now I just want to go swimming! But it will come in time.

Yatosha sema. Enough talking.

Nili siku kabisa nzuri. My day was completely good.

Or something like that.

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