Today’s message at church was, as usual, entirely in Swahili. Which means that I don’t understand very much. What I do consistently get are the Scripture references. Today’s reference was Revelation 3:15, where God expresses his contempt for the lukewarm. It also helped that I knew the words for hot, cold, and lukewarm from my time in Iringa. Fortunately, the Spirit does not need a common language to move the human heart. By the end of the message, I found myself questioning the temperature of my heart. The last few months have been times of great transition, times of soul-searching, of tears, and of prayer and worship. As I’ve started to settle, I find myself falling back into routine and away from the spontaneous outbursts of prayer that I found so precious during my first month and a half here. And, as I realized sitting in church today, I have little to no accountability here. I miss my small group of likeminded individuals back at my home church, my family, and my dear friends who were willing to call me out when I lost focus. Certainly, I’m building new friendships here, Tanzanian and westerners. But it is not the same. Thus, I must be doubly resolute to ensure that I take time to pray and worship and study, that I set my heart on things above, even when the world encroaches on all sides.

But this post was not meant to be be emotional or sappy at all. I actually started writing because I wanted to share a short recording of the “worship service” at church. This is from last week, but I just now got around to downloading it from my phone. It is absolutely incredible to join the kiSwhahili chorus in praise to our God! (Even if I don’t understand all the words…).

Listen Here

The other fun thing about church today was staying afterwards for “Ester Club,” a small group Bible study for all of the young girls (ages 14ish-30ish). We even played “Survivor” in Swahili! I love meeting the other girls and starting to make friends. I can’t wait for the day when language is no longer a barrier and I can actually hold a conversation with some of them!

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