Pianos, Prayer, and Pain

Isn’t life ALWAYS uncertain? Sometimes we just take it for granted that we THINK we know what’s going to happen next. And so we fall into what may be a sense of false security. But when those plans come crashing down around our feet, and we start freaking out…

This past week, when life seemed to be raining stress, I started to pray…and played the piano. I don’t know why playing helps… I’m not even that good. But it is so relieving to feel the notes reverberating through my fingers…and as I pound my fears and frustration into the keys, beauty ensues (hopefully…if I hit the right notes!). Its kind of like my favorite verses: Isaiah 61:1-3… where Christ is prophesied as coming to bring beauty from ashes!

Speaking of beauty from ashes, I’m supposed to be speaking on how Christ brings restoration for assembly next month. Maybe I should work on that. 😉

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