Notable November Notes: 1




As I was plotting the course of these “Notable November Notes,” I considered a number of ideas for the notes to accompany the photos, but what I settled on was a short comment on something I had to be grateful for that day. So for today… I am so thankful for comfort food: fresh salsa, homemade chips, and Red Bull. I’ve spent more money on Red Bull this week than I have on food… which doesn’t mean a lot, since all I’ve eaten is one batch of spaghetti and a few bunches of bananas (and chips & salsa). The other thing that I still can’t get over is the fact that I live in a tropical paradise. Every morning when I drive to work, I look off to the right and see the Indian Ocean over the tops of the palm trees. And I’m especially grateful for that now, as friends and family back in Indiana keep reminding me that summer is over and its getting cold. I hate cold!!! So I’m excited that this is the beginning of the hot season. =D

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