Notable November Notes: 2


Because its the second of November, I have two photos from this morning:





For the last four years, volleyball has been a significant part of my life. When I said goodbye to my coaches, LJ Gebert, Will Robbins, and Dusty Sherman, earlier this summer, I wept with the insecurity of not knowing whether I would be able to continue playing at a competitive level here in Tanzania. Not only am I playing both indoor and beach volleyball (at varying levels of play) on a regular basis, but I have had the opportunity to coach. One of the teams that I was able to help coach, the IST Girls’ Volleyball team, is currently playing in the finals of the ISSEA (International Schools of Southern and Eastern Africa) Volleyball Tournament in Zambia. I’m so proud of the girls and had an absolute blast getting to work with them this year! The HOPAC volleyball teams started practices on Friday to prepare for the Moshi Sports Weekend at the end of the month, and on a more informal level, the youth at Mbezi Chapel are enjoying the chance to play volleyball every Sunday after church.

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