Notable November Notes: 12



I’m thankful for the colors in Africa. The last few days have been full of brilliant colors from the sun shining in my windows each morning, to the last beams of light shining through the palms in the evening. I realize how much I love color. Its something I notice. The other day, as I was riding back home along one of the main roads here, I started taking inventory of the things that caught my eye:

While riding home today,

                                       I saw

Bananas, yellow, hanging for sale
under a Coca-Cola umbrella, faded red.

Women walking, ebony, black
clothed in prints, vivid & bright.

Children scurrying, breathless, excited
across busy streets, car horns blaring.

Flowers covering, in pleasant pinks
white walls of stone, metal, and block.

Fabrics waving in the wind, brilliant shades
Flip flops beaded, red, yellow, and green.

Mangoes, Pineapples, fruits galore
Fish for sale, silver and pink.

While riding home today,

                                       I saw

Colors brilliant, bright and glorious

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