Notable November Notes: 18



I apologize for the quality of the photo today. Even before it got dark tonight, I was anticipating the full moon, and wanted to get a picture. But the iPhone just doesn’t do it justice. The night sky was absolutely gorgeous tonight! And I have so much to be grateful for. Safety (yes, again), the camaraderie of motorcycle drivers, nice/helpful police officers, volleyball, Subway (tastes like home!), friends who go out of their way to give assistance, a fully-charged laptop battery (yep, the power’s out again!), and so much more!

Oh, and fun story: Each morning, the staff get an e-mail with a list of students, staff, and former students to pray for. Today, there was a former student listed, who had moved on from HOPAC and was now going to a small discipleship school in Pennsylvania. I sent a reply to find out the name of the school, having graduated from just such a school myself. Nobody knew, but they told me where to find the former student (via Facebook), and we connected that way. She is indeed going to the same school (the School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch), and in a way, we have traded places, as she came from HOPAC and went to MMR, and I came from MMR and went to HOPAC. What a small world!

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