Notable November Notes: 20




This could have been an ode to my brother and best friend. The guy who practically carried me up Pike’s Peak, who accompanied me on a cross-country road trip, and who lost his front teeth at my hand. He is 23 now.

This could have been a miracle story of how God preserved me when I got in a motorcycle accident on Monday evening. Of how I smashed into the side of a large BMW van and picked myself up from the pavement without a bruise or scratch on me. That’s a God-thing.

This could have even been a testament to the blessing of praying together as staff each Wednesday evening. I don’t always enjoy it, but it is good to work with other people who are believers and who pray. Today was more prayer and less meeting. That was good.

This could have even been a commentary on the life of my dear grandmother who passed away today (last night, for those in the U.S.). She lived with my family from when I was about 7 through my college years, when she was moved to a nursing home because of increasing Alzheimer’s and dementia. She loved us.

But in the end, this is a joy-filled praise for the little things in life. While doing my grocery shopping tonight, I encountered “Mr. America.” (And yes, I know I already posted this picture on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook… but it was worth adding to this post). I had to duck into the next aisle before laughing out loud. I snuck a picture later, when he was in the line across from me. When I got home, the power was out (which I expected, the power company here has announced country-wide power cuts for at least the next ten days), so I grabbed my flashlight and headed to the bathroom. I opened the toilet lid and was quite surprised to find a frog floating in my toilet. My first attempt to flush him failed, so I was reduced to getting a plastic bag to rescue him out of the toilet. The entire time, I couldn’t stop laughing hysterically. In a week where it seems a bit like the world is crashing down, I needed to laugh. Its the little things.

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  1. The Suburban Vagabond says:

    Whenever we step outside the confines of our comfort zone, we experience the presence of God in the chaos that follows. Sounds like that’s what you are experiencing, and I hope that the Presence of God remains tangible in the midst of all this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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