Notable November Notes: 24




Meet Amini (pronounced ah-mee-nee). I feel like I just acquired a child. But hopefully, I also acquired a large, strong guard dog that lives up to her breed’s reputation. African Ridgebacks were originally bred to hunt lions, and are capable of running alongside galloping horses for over 30 kilometers. This particular puppy is seven weeks old, female, and currently sleeping soundly in her box. Her name means, in Swahili of course, peace, reliable, faithful, or safety. An appropriate name for a guard dog, I think.

Today’s service at church was also exciting, for me at least. They had an extended worship service, which I always enjoy (even if I don’t understand the lyrics, I can still sing along). Then, a guest speaker gave the message. I was thrilled to realize that even though I was nowhere near understanding every word he said, I was able to catch a good portion of it. Progress! On that note, though, be in prayer that I find another language helper in the next month or so, as Happy, who has been meeting with me each Friday afternoon after school, is leaving for school tomorrow and will no longer be available.

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  1. aiketgate says:

    Ah, so there are other “strains” of ridgeback out there aside from the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed we see here in the States? Makes sense… almost every European country has their own version of livestock guardian (Kuvasz, Great Pyrenees, Komondor, Italian Maremma, etc), with the majority being large and primarily white, but there are minor differences between them. Regardless.. she’s adorable! 🙂

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