Things I Miss


Apparently lots of my fellow American expats miss the snow during this time of year, when Dar starts to boil just as the snow is falling in many Northern states. Not me. But here’s a few things I do miss about living in the U.S.

1. Drinking out of the hose.
Those days when you’re really thirsty after a run or bike ride and you’re hosing off the dog, your bike, or your feet…and you just want to take a nice cold drink from the hose…yeah, bad idea. Unless of course amoebic dysentery or any other host of unpleasant diseases are on the wish list as well.

2. Driving fast.
Here, thanks to speed bumps and traffic, the fastest I’ve ever driven is 80 km/ hour, and that seems both freeing and really, really fast on the roads here. Tonight, as I hit 65ish on a fairly smooth stretch of road, I realized just how much I miss driving 80 mph+. And how much I miss driving without being afraid I’ll be hit from any direction at any time.

3. Fast internet.
I know, I know. #firstworldproblems. But somedays I would really like to watch that funny YouTube video my friends all posted on Facebook. Or be able to actually stream video when Facetiming my family. Or be able to stream iTunes Radio to hear some new or just different music. Or play videos in class…or even search videos to use as supplements in the classroom.

I miss other things too… Especially certain people and places. But that is true of moving anywhere. I missed people and places after moving from PA to Indiana too. The cool thing is that God is still God no matter where I live!

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