Happy Days


Its somewhat ironic that by the time I found time to write this blog post, I’ve shed more tears in  a single day than I thought possible. After saying goodbye to my siblings this morning, I held it together until assembly at school. When we sang “Song of Hope” (Heaven Come Down), I lost it. That was at approximately 10:05 a.m. Since then, I’ve been bitten by a friend’s dog, had an infected blister lanced twice, and been either crying, or on the edge of crying. It is now 10:38 p.m. Its been a long day. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. But I still want to write this before the sheer joy of the last two weeks loses its edge.

Because you see, my two youngest siblings, Joshua and Hannah, flew over 24 hours to visit me on the last day of January. And for the next two weeks, we partied it up here in Tanzania. Here’s a few photos of our adventures…

We spent an entire day on an island….

…cooked steaks on a charcoal grill…

…camped in a National Park with lions….

…watched the Super Bowl at 2:30 a.m….

…went to a water park (yes, in Tanzania)…

…and just hung out.

It was awesome.

These were happy days.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Love the pictures, Abby! I’m so glad they got to come and visit you! Miss you!

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