The Joy of the Lord


“You make the going out of the morning and
the evening to shout for joy!”
(Psalm 65:8b)

I love watching the sunrise and sunset. When I read this verse, I nearly danced around my room. The sunrise and sunset are exclamations of joy!

For those of you who have followed my activities via Facebook and Instagram, many of the included photos are “old news,” but they are all photos of the skies shouting for joy. I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love that. The glory of the sunrise and sunset only point to the immensely greater glory of the Creator!

One of the positive things about getting sick is that the recovery process offers enormous amounts of time to think and pray. I tend to have trouble stopping long enough to just sit and “be still and know that [He] is God,” but when Dengue Fever kicks me in the pants, I am forced to stop. In case you are wondering, getting dengue is like having someone violently yank the battery out of my internal Energizer Bunny and scream “STOP!” in my face. Okay, okay. I get the message. You don’t have to break my back in half, or pierce my eyeballs out with jackhammers, or drain every bit of energy out of me. So I stopped. Its not like I had much of a choice.

But, when I was forced to stop and rest because of my illness, I decided that just lying around thinking about being sick was not an option either. That’s depressing. It made me homesick. Which makes being sick even less fun.

So I started praying.

Praying that my energy and passion for teaching at HOPAC this year be rekindled. Praying that I would live all-in here in Dar for the next four months — because when youa re sick and alone, home sounds pretty attractive. And praying for direction for the future.

As I started praying, God started stirring my heart. Deep down inside, God rekindled my dreams of discipling young, my passion to know and love God more, and my hope of living well by loving God and loving people. I don’t have (or expect) all the answers. I don’t know how long I will stay in Tanzania. I don’t know what the future holds. But, I know that God is faithful, and I know that I am only called to live right here and right now – taking the next right step. Being faithful in the small things.

And so under the brilliantly painted African skies… I’m joining the sunrise and sunset in shouting praises to my God. Because He has renewed my love for Him. Because He has healed me. Because He has given a wondrous purpose of loving Him and loving people here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Will you join me in proclaiming the joy of the Lord?


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