Happy Friday!

Ten happy facts about today…because its Friday!

1. A veterinarian friend confirmed that I can switch Amini over to adult dog food, which is 500 times easier to find here!

2. My students loved the notes and cookies that I made for them on their last day of regular classes before exams!

3. Fun times at the final YoungLife club for this year…and the Friday Night Lights that followed!

4. Bekah shared a cookie with me (that she made for her classmates) and my entire 12th grade class made a sweet thank you card for me with notes from each of them!

5. Chris described starting my motorcycle as a “holy experience”!

6. I applied for an online adjunct professor position with Liberty University Online!

7. Today is the first day I haven’t been sick to my stomach in two weeks!

8. The supermarket was open so I could buy butter and sugar on my way home tonight!

9. Mr. Sanchez made ribs for Friday Night Lights!

10. I am talking to my mom on Facebook!

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