Prayer Request

Sauti za Busar_Zanzibar_6

So I have no idea why I chose this picture…but I have a prayer request.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love living here. Sure, there are things that are hard.

But in a lot of ways, I feel as if God created me to live here. 

Last weekend, I applied for a position as Online Adjunct Professor of Undergraduate English at Liberty University Online.

I was talking to my mom about ideas for earning money to support myself here, because, though I have a housing stipend from HOPAC, and support from churches, friends, and family back home, I want to be able to give freely of my money as a part of my ministry here. I want to be able to take students for pizza without a second thought, and to load a group of kids into a bajaji to go to the beach for the day without calculating the cost of the bajaji or the beach entrance fee. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I thought of Liberty.

I studied online with Liberty University, and my professors lived all over the country. Why couldn’t I do the same thing, except from Tanzania? I did a quick search to find their HR page, and discovered that they had not one, but three positions open for Online Adjunct Professors of English. I think that alone is the hand of God, aligning the details before I had any inkling of it.

So I applied.

I’m probably not the idea candidate for the position. Sure, I have my master’s in teaching English, but I’m 25 and only have two years of actual teaching experience. But God loves the impossible. So I told my mom that my part was done, the rest is in God’s hands.

Join with me in praying that if this is indeed God’s will for me to teach at Liberty University Online, that His will would come to pass. Join with me in watching God open doors and let His glory shine through.

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