A Month of Earrings…and Their Stories (Day 1)

Most people know me as the crazy tomboy who rides bicycles and motorcycles, who plays sports, and hates dressing up. All that is true. But I also love earrings. And for the last several years, I’ve been collecting earrings in each of the countries I’ve gotten a chance to visit. And everywhere in-between.


After posting the above picture of my earring collection hanging neatly on brand-new organizers, and explaining to a friend exactly how I became the owners of the handmade bicycle earrings I am wearing today, I thought it might be fun to piggy-back on the “30 Days of Photos” blogging fad with my own 30 Days of Earrings…and the stories that accompany each pair.

So today…

photo (1)

These very cool bicycle earrings were sent to me by a former co-worker in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Getting mail here in Tanzania is fun enough, but when the mail contains earrings as awesome as these, its a special treat! With the earrings was a note telling me how the earrings had been handmade in Kenya, taken back to the U.S. and sold, where my co-worker purchased them, thinking of my love for cycling, and mailed them all the way back to Tanzania! So for obvious reasons, these are my “cycling around the world” earrings! Thanks Michelle Abel for the special gift!

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  1. Susan says:

    What unique earrings! I really like them, especially as they are handmade. Thirty years ago, one of my favorite pairs was made for me by a friend – they had a definite hippie look, which is completely not my style, but I liked them for the sake of the giver and the work that went into them.

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