A Month of Earrings… (Day 2)


These are actually my newest acquisitions, and are a bit more turquoise than the photo indicates. I purchased these at the latest Dar es Salaam Artisan’s Market on Saturday, and have already worn them twice since then! Part of the appeal of the Artisan’s Market is that the vendors are only allowed to sell things that they themselves (or the people that they are serving as a part of the NGO) have made. The “dinner plates” are hand-painted in surprisingly intricate detail and stand out as unique in my collection. Living here in Tanzania makes peacocks seem much less…exotic. Back in Indiana, we had to go to the zoo to see peacocks (though admittedly they were never the main attraction), but here, when playing volleyball, peacocks and monkeys routinely leap from limb to limb of the tree branches above the court. These earrings are also among the most expensive earrings I’ve ever purchased — 8,000 Tsh or approximately $5.00.

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