A Month of Earrings… (Day 3)


Apparently, wearing earrings can move an average outfit into the stunning category. I had numerous people tell me I looked gorgeous today, and that they didn’t even recognize me from a distance. My hair is done the exact same way as every other day. I’m wearing the same clothes I wear at least once a week to school – a simple skirt and plain-colored t-shirt. I’m wearing Rainbow flip-flops. Nothing special. Except for these sweet spotted earrings.

photo (2)

Strangely enough, despite owning all of these earrings, I don’t actually wear them terribly often. Riding everywhere on a motorcycle means wearing a motorcycle helmet. Long, dangly earrings and motorcycle helmets don’t work well together. At all. And when I do remember to throw a pair of earrings in my bag, I often do not remember to put them in once I get to school. So this blog series is actually helping my not-so-existing fashion sense, because I’m actually wearing the earrings I’m posting about. Its kind of fun. And apparently, its winning me “beauty points.” (See Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130” for my impression of society’s standards of beauty…its all a fraud.)

But anyway, these earrings are my token “Uganda” earrings. If I didn’t mention it before, I’ve recently started purchasing a pair of earrings in each country that I visit (airport stops don’t count). Last fall, I traveled to Kampala, Uganda for a Cambridge International Education (CIE) training for school. It was a quick weekend conference, in and out, with no time to explore the city or country. But in the airport on the way home, I made sure to hit up one of the small gift shops for a pair of uniquely Ugandan earrings. Well, okay, I could get the same earrings here in Tanzania. But they were cool. And I like black and white.

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