A Month of Earrings… (Day 5)


This earring used to be a pair of earrings. Until I was riding my bicycle home from school one day and lost it somewhere along the way. It was a sad day, but hasn’t stopped me from wearing the maverick as just that, a maverick. Instead of a feather in each ear, I wear double studs in the opposite ear, and it seems to work. Eventually, I figure that I’ll have another mismatched feather earring to pair it with. But until then, this is my lone blue feather earring. My little sister bought me these earrings during one of her stays in Manitou Springs, Colorado and I love everything about them–the color, the feather, the little turquoise stone at the top, the length. She has good taste!

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  1. Aunt Peggy says:

    Spoke to me saying, “nothing is wasted–one of a kind carries it’s on beauty and usefulness –just the way God created each of us.

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