A Month of Earrings… (Day 8)


photo (6)

These little butterfly earrings were given to me almost seven years ago, just after I gave a “sermon on the mount” with one of my newly adopted off-track thoroughbred mares. In March of 2009, I adopted two off-track thoroughbreds from a farm in Maryland. They were delivered to Pennsylvania, where I was attending the Miracle Mountain Ranch School of Discipleship. Two days later, I borrowed a friend’s horse trailer, and took them home to fatten up on pasture until I graduated in September. I arrived home with the horses at some ungodly hour of the morning, and later that afternoon, had pre-arranged to speak at a training event for a local youth ranch. I decided to use my older mare, Symphony, and one of the new thoroughbreds, Senorita, to show the difference between the beginning stages of discipleship, where there is no established relationship, and the power of a long-term relationship with Christ. During the message, I worked and rode Senorita for the first time. Presumably, she had been ridden before, when racing, but she had been in “retirement” as a broodmare for at least four years before I acquired her. The process went quite smoothly (in contrast to later experiences with Senorita when I started the retraining process several months later), and it was a lot of fun. Regardless, following the message, one of the women in attendance gave me this pair of earrings as a thank-you gift for sharing.

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