A Month of Earrings… (Day 13)

photo 1

Yet another gift, these earrings came from my sister, Hannah. She bought them in Colorado (like the blue feather earrings), and sent them all the way to Tanzania with a sweet note about how she thought I needed a pair of “hippie earrings.” And so these are just that, my “hippie earrings!” They’re bright, colorful, and best of all, big! Bigger is always better, right? For real though, these earrings are pretty sweet because they are huge, but are also extremely light. I also love the detailed patterns…which is what makes them hippie earrings I guess? I suppose I never asked why these are hippie earrings. They just are. 😉

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  1. They also look Arabian, like some of the jewelry I’ve seen here in the UAE!

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