I’d Rather Not Say Goodbye

I’d rather not say goodbye. Even though saying goodbye is normal. In 2001, when I went with my brother to Miracle Mountain Ranch for a week of summer camp, my life changed forever. For the next nine years, my summers were a fast-spinning montage of strong friendships bonded in the forge of being summer camp…

Free Dive

Breathe in. Relax. The waves wash around me, my body floating, drifting with the swells. Exhale. All the way. One last breath. Slow and easy. Turning, diving down. Kicking slowly, long fins propelling me down. The wreck emerges from the murky turquoise waters. Fish surround me. Yellow, orange, purple, silver. My lungs ache for air,…

A Month of Earrings… (Day 31)

This pair of earrings was handmade by Tanzanian artisans at the Nuru Center here in Dar es Salaam. They are rolled paper beads with some silver accents, and despite being simple and small, are very cool.

A Month of Earrings… (Day 30)

This is another pair of earrings that I purchased in Papua New Guinea when I was there for Interface in 2010. They are small and simple, nothing fancy.

A Month of Earrings… (Day 29)

These earrings are huge and so much fun to wear! Today I paired them with black shorts and a a gray top for a ladies event at church. They’re just crazy enough to make a casual outfit a bit dressy! At least I think so… 😉  

A Month of Earrings… (Day 28)

Yes, more feathers. And this time, with some color! Once again, these earrings are a gift from my little sister. And once again, they are from Colorado. They are a fun accessory for almost any outfit!

A Month of Earrings… (Day 27)

This simple and elegant pair of earrings was made for me by a dear friend. They were the perfect choice to dress up a casual jeans and shirt for dinner out.

A Month of Earrings… (Day 26)

This is the only pair of gold earrings that I own. Every other pair in my collection is black, silver, or bright colors–but not gold. I can also count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn them. Not that these are real gold, anyway. I just don’t wear gold. Ever. Personally, I think…

A Month of Earrings… (Day 25)

I’ve had these earrings for what seems like forever. And every time I wear them, I get compliments on them. For sure, they were a cheap Wal-Mart or Glitter purchase of $3.00 or less, but they are bright, colorful, and fun. They make me think of bubbles. When I’m dressed casually just to hang out…

A Month of Earrings… (Day 24)

Another recent purchase, I bought these earrings at the last Dar es Salaam Artisan’s Market. When I saw the bright colors, I knew they were perfect! Maybe these could be classified as “hippie earrings” too?