The Little Moments


Its hard to believe its been almost a month since I last posted! Time flies when you’re having fun, I suppose!

Earlier this week, I read an (awesome) article by Ann Voskamp talking about the intense life we live in the everyday:

Why in the world disdain the small? It’s always the smallest strokes that add up to the greatest masterpieces.

Because the thing really is: Do we ever really know which mark we make — that will matter the most? The extraordinary things happen nowhere else but in the everyday and today can always be the beginning.

– Ann Voskamp, “Dear You: A letter for all of the hard days”

On my right shoulder, I have a tattoo that says “Live Beautifully.” Its not about the big service projects, the mission trips, or the highlight reels; its is the everyday choice for love, humility, and grace. Its about finding the joy in the little things, and celebrating in the blazing sun and pouring rain.


Its the little things, people. Even in the darkest night, the lightening bugs flicker their tiny spots of light.

So, a few of the “little things” I’ve been enjoying this week:

    • Spending last Saturday relaxing on the beach with a few girlfriends.
    • Being held and counseled by women at church when I was hurting and felt lost last weekend.
    • Experiencing the joy of friendship restored.
    • Hitting a few sick spikes at volleyball on Monday… and epically missing a jump serve (and being able to laugh about it!).
    • After-volleyball Subway.


    • Laughing with my students as they beg and plead (on their knees) not to write yet another paper.
    • Hanging out in the quarry with students for service learning every Wednesday afternoon.
    • The news that there is no staff meeting next week!
    • Getting a stop while playing keeper (goalie) in football (soccer) on Wednesday night.
    • Renewing my internet subscription–which means its actually fast enough to stream iTunes radio for a few days.
    • Riding a sweet KTM motorcycle while mine is being repaired.


  • The chance to take photos for YoungLife Africa.
  • Playing a perfect game as goalie in hockey last night.
  • Driving to school every morning when the sky and sea is bathed in brilliant gold light.
  • Breathing the ocean air… it makes even being stuck in traffic more relaxing!
  • Seeing beautiful faces…and occasionally getting photos!


  • Going for a run with my dog at night and tripping into a deep mud puddle.
  • Watching the reactions of my students when they realize that, in Shakespeare’s day, no women were allowed on stage–which means that Miranda and Juliet and Rosalind were all boys/men.


Most of these things, when I look back on this year, will not make the highlight reel. But if the everyday is drudgery, how boring would life be then? For me, I’m going to choose beauty in the everyday…

And yes, this is the post, for all you Facebook followers, that I wrote a few days ago and vanished during publishing. It was better before. 🙂

But such is life. Live it up!

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