Sufficient Unto the Day….


Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. Living the expat life means that friends come and go at a rapid pace. One of these friends, Holly, was back in Dar on a short visit, and we arranged to meet for mishkaki and chips (beef kebabs and French fries) at a local restaurant (two containers with tables set up around them under a canopy). My motorcycle was hesitating and stuttering and even stopping as I drove over, and I only hoped it would stay running long enough to make it home after dinner.

Tuesday, 9:30 p.m. Despite cajoling and push-starting and muttered prayers, my motorcycle refused to start, leaving me with only one option: pushing it home in the dark. Fortunately, the restaurant was relatively close to home…

Wednesday, 4:40 p.m. Staff meeting ran long, again, and after charging all day, the motorcycle still refused to start. Not knowing any pickup drivers, I called my bajaji driver and attempted to ask if he knew anyone: “Lama, unajua numba ya pickup?” “Pickup…uh…um…gari kubwa….kwa piki piki yangu…not working?” My Swahili was failing me epically, but somehow, he got the message, and arrived twenty minutes later with a pickup following behind his bajaji. Thank God for Lama! We lifted the motorcycle into the bed of the pickup and set off for the KTM dealership on the peninsula.

Wednesday, 5:39 p.m. The guys at KTM kept the workshop open for me, so we unloaded the bike, and they gave me the keys to the Duke 200 that I had driven on loan just a few weeks ago….the last time my bike was in the shop. This time, I only plan to fix the bike to be able to sell it and cut my losses. I’m done with having a bike in and out of the workshop every two weeks.

Thursday, 5:45 a.m. Yes, it took me an entire night to realize that God does indeed provide. All my worrying about how to buy a new bike, what bike to buy, how to fix the bike I currently have, etc. won’t fix anything. I confidently told my mom yesterday that I a knew God would provide, but I wasn’t even considering the fact that when KTM loaned me the Duke, that in itself was God’s provision. He promises to give us our “daily bread” and for today, I have transportation. In fact, I have very nice transportation. Tomorrow’s concerns will wait until tomorrow, and I am sure God will provide for those as well, in due time.

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