Victoria Falls Adventure – day 5


Over a year ago, before I moved to Tanzania, my brother and I were browsing YouTube and came across some “Zambezi Rafting Fails” highlight videos. After watching them, we decided that if I only did one thing during my stay in Africa, I needed to raft the Zambezi River.

Today, I rafted the Zambezi River.

It was epic.

I love whitewater rafting, but this was beyond words. Some of the drops were absolutely enormous, with waves 10+ feet one after another.

We flipped three times. I loved every minute.

I tried to get a GoPro video, but since we left at 7 a.m., and didn’t return until after 2:30 p.m., my battery died before we finished the 19 rapids for the day. Thus, I decided to spend the money to buy the DVD of photos and video…because that was an experience worth having legit video of to show family and friends. 😃

And I have to say, if you are only in Africa once… Raft the Zambezi. It is worth it!

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